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司法判決的一個原則] Ratio decidendi 指對法官提供的法律要點的裁定,判決的理由,因爲在法官看來,法律要點對於證明他的特定判決的公正是必要的。這樣的裁定是判案所依據的理由。它可以是在以前的案例中制定的法律規則,或被其他人視爲具有約束力的法律規則。
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Arthur Goodhart Ratio Decidendi Analysis
In the article entitled ‘Determining the Ratio Decidendi of the Case’ by Arthur L. Goodhart, I underwent a roller coaster-like journey on exploring the science behind the nature of a precedent in English law. Goodhart started with the attempt to explain the full meaning
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Ratio decidendi derives from Latin term and the literal meaning of the term is “reason for the decision”. It includes the rule of law or principle upon which a judicial decision is based. The principle is applicable to all upcoming judgments which have similar facts.
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Ratio Decidendi Meaning

MEANING OF RATIO DECIDENDI Latin for ‘reason for the How to Understand the Ratio Decidendi (Common Law): 13 Steps Judicial Precedent – A-Level Law – Marked by Teachers.com File – Mrs Sudds` classroom Ratio decidendi, Obiter Dicta and Stare Decisis
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Ratio Decidendi

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Ratio Decidendi And Obiter Dicta
Ratio decidendi and obiter dicta Learning objectives At the end of this module, you will be able to: * distinguish between ratio decidendi and obiter dicta. * apply well-established rules to identify the ratio decidendi in a decision. This module is intended as a useful
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Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta
 · The general principle applied in a particular decision is known as the ratio decidendi of the case. Such principle is not applicable only to that case, but to other cases also which are similar to the decided case in their essential feature. The literal meaning of the term
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Ratio Decidendi Judgment Ratio Decidendi is the Latin term meaning “the reason for the decision”(but this reason does not mean the facts of the case or the law that the case applies or the order of the case but it is the logic or the reasoning of the judge or the
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ratio decidendi in a sentence
ratio decidendi in a sentence – Use “ratio decidendi” in a sentence 1. Where there are several members of a court, there may be one or more judgments given; only the ratio decidendi of the majority can constitute a binding precedent, but all may be cited …
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Obiter dictum
Obiter dictum (usually used in the plural, obiter dicta) is the Latin phrase meaning “by the way”, that is, a remark in a judgment that is “said in passing”. It is a concept derived from English common law, whereby a judgment comprises only two elements: ratio decidendi and obiter dicta..
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How to Understand the Ratio Decidendi (Common …

 · How to Understand the Ratio Decidendi (Common Law). The common law term “ratio decidendi” is Latin for the “reason for the decision” or the rule of a case. Every decision that an appellate court makes governs the future decisions of trial
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What is Ratio Decidendi
Ratio Decidendi 1. The legal meaning of the ratio Decidendi is the rule of law on which a judicial decision is based. 2. The full bench of three-judge bench of apex court in MYSORE STATE ROAD TRANSPORT CORPORATION (1974) held what is ratio Decidendi.
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Ratio decidendi is a term used in contrast to obiter dictum which is not necessarily binding in law. The meaning of the maxim The Latin maxim literally means ‘ the reason for decision’. The principle or rule of law on which a court’s decision is founded..
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Ratio decidendi
Ratio decidendi Last updated May 04, 2019Ratio decidendi (Latin plural rationes decidendi) is a Latin phrase meaning “the reason” or “the rationale for the decision”. The ratio decidendi is “the point in a case that determines the judgement” [1] or “the principle that the case establishes”.
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Why is the ratio Decidendi important?
 · Ratio decidendi is the Latin term meaning “the reason for the decision,” and refers to statements of the critical facts and law of the case. These are vital to the court’s decision itself. Obiter dicta are additional observations, remarks, and opinions on other issues made by the judge.
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Ratio decidendi and Obiter dicta
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